Pet Sitter Checklist


Things to prepare before the dog walker’s/cat sitter's arrival


1.- Completed copy of the service contract (can be downloaded from the website)

2.- Two copies of the key (one to be kept with pet sitter, one to be kept on file)

3.- List of important numbers: Veterinarian, plumber, electrician, maid service , etc...

4.- Telephone contact where you can be reached

5.- Your time of departure and return (if we are picking up your pet for any overnight care)

6.- Location of any necessary items: Cleaning supplies, baggies

7.- Inform any neighbors of your departure so they are not startled at the pet sitter's arrival

8.- Inform anyone else who may have access to the house of the pet sitter's time(s) of arrival(s)

9.- Be sure pet's vaccinations are up-to-date—vaccine records must be provided for all overnight care—Bordatella vaccine must be current within the past six months

10.- Be sure that pet's tags and leash are secure, food and treats are plentiful.


For any of our overnight pet care or training options


1. Be sure to write out any additional services needed (if pet has any vet appointments, etc)

2. Do your best to write out your dog’s daily routine-we want to stay as close as possible to their familiar routines

3. Suggested items to prepare for your dog’s stay away from home

a. Secure collar and leash (if snap collar is being used then an additional Martingale collar must be provided as a back-up collar on dog to prevent any chance of unsnapping of a faulty primary collar)

b. Enough food for your pet for the duration of your trip (and just to be safe pack enough food for a few extra days)

c. Any toys or treats that your pet loves!

d. Any medication that may be necessary for your pet

e. Any bedding that makes your dog comfortable

f. A towel or T-shirt that smells like you

g. Vaccine records –Bordatella vaccine must be current within the past six months

h. Completed and signed service contract

i. Credit card as well as permission slip to keep on file in case of emergencies

j. Please notify your veterinarian that you are leaving town and that you are leaving your pet in our care


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