1.- Are you licensed, bonded & insured?

Yes, A Dog's World is Licensed, Bonded & Insured.


2.- What does that mean?

a. Licensed means that we are a registered business.

b. Insured means that the company is Covered for damage to property in our Care,  Custody and Control.

c. Bonded means that the company provides coverage for keys lost by pet sitters and payment to re-key customer's locks in such cases.



3.- Do you have references?

Yes we would be happy to provide you with references at the first consultation upon request.


4.- What is included in a mid-day visit?

This will depend on which type of visit you purchased.

A Midday dog walk will provide a 20-30 minute walk, treat, fresh w ater and a note explaining that day's visit.


5.- What is the charge for medication?

This is evaluated on an individual basis. It will depend on the complexity of administering the medicine.


6.- When do I pay for the services rendered?

We prefer payments to be made on a weekly basis. Payment is required up front for any overnight care provided.


7. Do you conduct walks on weekends/holidays?

YES we do offer mid-day walks as well as other visits on weekends. We also offer visits on holidays. A holiday fee may apply. Please ask for a quote ahead of time.


8.- Do you conduct walks in inclement weather (snow, ice, etc)?

Yes, just like the mailman we always come through. We do realize that pets may not enjoy such harsh weather so walks may be shorter at those times. Also we will do our best to stick to the agreed upon schedule.


9.- What if a walk has to be cancelled for the day?

As a common courtesy, we appreciate as much notice as possible but do realize that some emergencies cannot be helped. Midday walks require a 24 hour cancellation notice for no fee to be charged. Cancellation with less than 24 hour notice may be charged a cancellation fee.


10.- How much notice do you require for an emergency visit?

 We will try to accommodate as many visits as possible, but encourage you to give us at least a 24 hour time window to work with. Please work with us and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.


11.- For how long does a client have to commit to a contract?

There is no minimum commitment. We realize that your lifestyle is subject to changes so you can sign up for a day, a month or for a year.


12.-What if my dog walker is sick or unavailable?

Each dog will have a back up walker assigned. The client will always have the opportunity to meet the back up walker before any emergencies arise. We do realize that your home is your own place so please feel free to set up any arrangements you feel necessary to make you feel comfortable with A Dog's World.


We do realize that you may still have many questions. Feel free to browse the website, e-mail or just call 703-328-2952 to have all your questions answereda.

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