Pet Care Services & Fees


Mid-day dog walks:

$18 per 30 min visit (for those purchasing 5 mid day walks per week)

$19 per 30 min visit (for those purchasing fewer than all 5 walks per week)

$2 per additional dog


Cat Care:

$18 per visit

$2 per additional cat


Vacation Visits (visits when you are out of town):

$20 per 30 min visit

$2 per additional dog


Overnight options where pet stays with a professional trainer or pet care provider.


Canine Camp

(dog stays at pet sitter's home)

(24 hour period)

$50 per 24 hour period

Dogs Under 6 months

$55 per 24 hour period


Overnight at your home House sitting

(24 hour period)  $80 per 24 hour period

Additional pet charges may apply


Pick up Pet Fee  $25


Drop off Pet Fee  $25


Oral Medications  $2


Injections  $5 per injection


Initial Consultation Fee  $15


Key Pick up/Drop off fees  $15

Cancellation Fee for any overnight care  $25 one time charge (does not apply to mid-day walks)


Holiday surcharge fees


An additional $5 per visit/ $10 per day for overnight care applies to visits scheduled during the times below:


New Years (December 31 - January 1)


Easter weekend

Memorial Day weekend


Fourth of July holiday


Labor Day weekend


Thanksgiving holiday


Christmas holiday


24 hour cancellation required for all daily services or full charges may apply


$16 late charge applies for reservations made with less than 48 hour notice

½ day charges may apply



Check our Dog Training section for details on the below


Puppy Head Start Program  $2000 per 3 week stay

Rover Reform Program $2000 per 3 week stay

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