Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?


Benefits For Your Pet


1.- Additional exercise added to your pet's daily routine may help prevent future health problems.


2.- We conduct our walks individually so there will be minimal exposure to illness/diseases from other animals.


3.- Great break in the day for young pups or elderly dogs.


4.- You have more flexibility in returning home late knowing that your dog has been visited and exercised


5.- Personal attention and love for your pet


Benefits For Your You


1.- Your pet will have attention in the home environment of a professional pet sitter.


2.- Your pet does not have to experience the stress of staying in a kennel.


3.- Have your pet already home to greet you when you return! Take advantage of our pick up and drop off services.


4.- Vacation worry-free knowing that you will be called in case of any emergency.


5.- Add some training to your package and come home to a better behaved pet!



 ADW Serves the following areas for Mid-Day Walks:










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