Tricks for Treats - Group Classes

For dogs who are at least 4 months of age

To maximize your class time dogs are advised to obtain Basic Obedience skills:

Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Leave It & Stay


Class Methods: Clicker Training and positive reinforcement.


Goals: The obvious goal is to teach your dog entertaining parlor tricks. Teaching tricks or any behaviors to your dog help keep your dog mentally stimulated. This is important because if left without a job and bored many dogs will find their own sources of entertainment which translates to many dog owners as “misbehavior.” The class does have several other benefits such as continuing socialization for your dog and meeting other people who are as crazy about their pet as you are! Keep up your training and socializing to insure that your dog remains a well-adjusted and confident dog.


Class length: 6 weeks Cost: $210


Equipment needed:

(Clickers will be provided)

Buckle collar & Cloth or leather leash

Toys/treats for your dog

Optional: hula hoop




    Roll Over


    Jumping through a Hula Hoop

    Back Up

    Walk a circle around the owner

    Hugs and kisses their tail



    Play Dead

    Weave through owner's legs

    Cover their nose




    Opening a cabinet door and retrieving an object

    An additional trick decided by class vote

    Possible recital.

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