Puppy 2 - Group Classes

 Methods: Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training


Class length: 7 weeks


Cost: $245



Equipment needed: Buckle collar & Cloth or leather leash, toys/treats for your dog (No choker collars or Flexi leads)


Commands Covered:

Review of Puppy Kidnergarten Commands and games for dog and owner fun!

Watch (Attention Exercise)

Leave It (Off Command); up through dropping treats on the floor

Greeting strangers (without jumping on them)

Settle Down (getting your dog to calm down when they’re excited)

Recall (Come with all the proper procedures) & lots of games to help motivate the dog

Sit-Stay... and later at a further distance

Down-Stay...and later at a further distance

Loose Leash Walking

Heel by your left side

Target Training (Go to Your Bed command)

A few tricks (Spin, Crawl, Bow)


Other Topics of Interest:

 More puppy playtime!!

Taking the control back in your household

Proper Socialization Techniques

Preparation for Canine Good Citizen testing

Learning how to use the clicker to break down behaviors and teach your dog anything!!

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