Private Options

 Private lessons can fulfill a variety of your pet’s needs

Give puppies the training that you want and they need


Give you a less distracting place to begin training your dog



Behavior Modification lessons done at your home for any qualities that make your dog less than perfect (jumping, nipping, chewing, housebreaking, barking, etc)


Teach Children how to behave appropriately around pets


Teach your dog basic manners and then we will help you fine tune these skills in public places…why stop there? Let’s do some advanced behaviors as well.


Keep your dog busy-Unemployment is the #1 reason for misbehavior in dogs


Print off Leroy’s list of Tricks and challenge your dog


Benefits of Private Lessons


The dog will learn faster in a familiar environment. There will be no distractions that may be due to a large class or other barking dogs. As the dogs learn more we can add real life distractions.


You have the attention of the trainer one-on-one! Don’t be embarrassed to ask any questions that you want!


You can begin puppy training even earlier since many classes require that your must pup must complete several vaccines in the series before attending.


We work with you to tailor the program to meet your specific need to complete a list of things that someone else decided was standard. Many obedience classes may not focus on the specific behavior problems that you may be experiencing…so let’s focus your time on what is most important to you and the dog.


No need to travel. We can come to you or if it is your preference we can meet in a neutral location.


Lessons are scheduled around your availability times. This way the whole family can be involved!!


Cost is $150/hour for "in-home" training. Mileage rates may apply.

Private lessons may also be held at VCA University Vet Clinic by appointment.

Cost is $125/hour.

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